Measure of efficiency is your measure of success. Pre-shipment surveys certification ensures a smooth transactional passage for documentation, insurance valuation and import licensing. The costs and penalties of cargoes lying off or held up in dock because of inaccurate, incomplete or unacceptable paperwork can be as high as the delays are long. Before they are finally secured for shipment, bulk inspection services inspectors conduct exhaustive checks to ensure that the goods, their containment and the paperwork that is to direct their passage, all conform to contractual specifications.


Bulk Inspection Services dry surveillance teams have a real understanding of the particular problems that affect bulk storage and transportation . Their experience covers a vast range of agricultural, industrial and consumer commodities. As well as inspection , they provide vital advice on handling , stowage and shipment.

Services include

  • Domage and Contamination investigation
  • Draft surveys
  • On/Off Hire surveys
  • Dock side weighing