Offices are located near to the major ports and key refineries. That is essential when speed and efficiency are as vital as technical accuracy. The staff and on-site technical operators we support are our strength. People count-literally. Their personal skills and professional expertise will be responsible for the surveys they conduct on your behalf. That is why Bulk Inspection Services are committed to high level recruitment and extensive training across all levels of personnel and all technical disciplines. Head office management and direction leaves nothing to chance. Although training guarantees that the necessary skills are in lacation,help and and advice is available from Head Office whenever it is needed – 24 hours a day . Our measure of efficiency is your measure of success.

Lab Gays

Bulk Inspection Services Specialized in inspection and testing

  1. Crude Oils
  2. Fuel Oils and Jets Fuels
  3. Gasoline and Naphtha
  4. Liquid Gases
  5. Edible Oils and Fertilisers