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Ship, shore and pipeline surveys are carried out by experienced and highly trained staff assisted by the latest equipment and reporting to internationally recognized levels of detailed and reference.
Through the inspection of shipments and the supervision of transfer, our surveys provide a certified quantitative and qualitative record-an independent verification of the standard and size of the shipment to be loaded or consignment to be discharged. As well as ship to shore, bulk Inspection Services manages ship to ship and pipeline transfer to represent the customer’s interest where they matter most.


  1. Domage and Contamination investigation
  2. Draft surveys
  3. On/Off Hire surveys
  4. Dock side weighing


Bulk Inspection Services dry bulk surveillance teams have a real understanding of the particular problems that affect dry bulk starage and transportage.
Their experience covers a vast range of agicultural, industrial , they provide vital advice on handling, stowing and shipment.


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Laboratory Certified ISO 17025 - 9001: 2017

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Our Laboratory is Certified with ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 for knowledge and assurance of operations